Is this a new machine from Mid-Anglia Engineering Ltd?

No - This machine was built by Mid-Anglia Engineering Ltd in 1989 for a battery manufacturer in Bolton to make the textile gauntlet or glove to keep the active material on the positive plate within large industrial batteries.
The Bolton factory closed in 2008 and the machine was sent to Exide Germany.  It was not installed but used for spares for their other two Burton built machines.
Exide Kansas, USA wanted one of these Gauntlet Forming Machines, so they had the part dismantled machine that was in Germany sent to Burton.

Mid-Anglia Engineering Ltd have done a complete strip down and replaced missing parts.  They then rebuilt the machine with a new PLC control system, new drives, new bearings, heaters as well as many new pneumatic cylinders.
The machine has been on test at Mid-Anglia Engineering Ltd's Wetmore Road works and has demonstrated that it is nearly 20% more productive now than when it was 'New'.
Exide Kansas will be getting a rebuilt machine for about half the cost of a new one of the same type. 
The latest Mid-Anglia Engineering Ltd machines for the Battery Industry are even more productive.


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