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Mid Anglia Engineering - Sleeve machine - Battery Manufacturing and production

Sleeve Machine

Mid-Anglia Engineering has been a leader in battery manufacturing machinery for over 40 years, including Sleeve Forming Machines.

Our automatic battery sleeve forming machines are designed to rapidly produce BS size, DIN size, and other sizes of sleeves, with minimum operator intervention.

Mid Anglia Engineering - Sleeve Machine


Manufacturing 3 Battery.png

Battery Manufacturing

The basic principle of our machines:

Fabric is unwound by a powered let off unit.

A set of scoring rings are then used to score the fabric before forming into the sleeve.

As the fabric passes through the forming section glue is applied to the edge forming a sleeve profile.

The formed fabric passes through a servo cutter that cuts the sleeve to the required length on the move.

The finished products are dropped onto a short acceleration conveyor that moves them onto an accumulation conveyor.

Cutting rates are pf up to 60 sleeves per minute, dependent on length selected (30m of material per minute).


Let-off system

Scoring section

Fold and glue

Servo rotary guillotine

Shingle and accumulation output conveyors 

Control unit - PLC and HMI control

Mid Anglia Engineering - Sleeve Machine layout - Battery production and manufacture


 0.15 m3/m 

at 6 bar supply



 415 V 3 ph, 50 Hz

50 A/ph




 20Kw on start up, large decrease after start up

Approx. mass

 2650 - 2800 Kg

dependent on spec

(Can be made to suit local supply)

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